Anglia Piano Hammer Recovering Services

Established since 1982 Anglia Piano Services specialises in the recovering and manufacture of piano hammer heads. We stock a variety of sizes and densities of the finest quality felt to suit most uprights and grand pianos.

The system we use is to cold press the felt in the traditional manner without the use of excessive heat or hardening chemicals. This process produces a softer more mellow tone and reduces the need for extensive voicing.

Cold pressing is a slower process and can take up to three weeks to complete a set.

If possible we try to preserve the original underfelt. The top felt is pre-pressed as this reduces the stress on the wooden cores. There are occasions when some older hammer heads may not be able to support the pressures involved in the recovering process, in this situation we would recommend replacement with new heads bore to pattern.

The felt we use is mostly imported from Germany and has a worldwide recognition for quality.


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